DIY Bookcase Renovation


Did you think your old furniture was good to throw away? Not anymore with this useful DIY renovation project. Turning a plain and dull bookcase into a modern one will prove a whole lot simpler than you might originally think. The work won’t be significantly much and the final design will definitely improve the overall decor of the room you place it in. Start with a simple sanding of the whole piece and then give it a couple of coats of black paint. Here is used black, but you can choose the color which fits your taste and interior design the most. Also, you can give the bookcase a polished look by adding a shiny covering. Apply the patterned wallpaper after you have left the fresh new black bookcase dry. Position the newly renovated bookcase in the living or the bedroom. And brag to your friends and family about your DIY skills. Share your project with others to inspire them to make such improvements in their lives as well.

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