DIY Butterfly Snack Bags


When you’re handling food, especially around kids, you wish it would look as adorable as it can. But not all foods can be decorated in order to catch a smile from the little eater. Don’t get sad, though. There is one simple way to achieve that result: the butterfly snack bag. For this, you will need the following:

• a wood clothespin;
• a Ziploc bags;
• a pair of `googly` eyes;
• a craft pipe cleaner;
• some glue;
• (optional) magnet;
• (optional) a marker;


The real significance behind a device like this is its rather short-term utility besides the perceived cuteness. So, with this type of using a sandwich bag, you actually result in using a single unit as two. Start with curling the pipe cleaner to fashion the antennae of the butterfly and glue it to one side of the clothespin. Stick the eyes on the other side. Now, grab the bag from the middle, placed in between your fingers and thumb. While holding it like that, attach the pin onto it. Don’t forget to fill each side of the bag with your desired food, before placing the clothespin. The butterfly is complete. You could glue a magnet on the back if you store low weight ingredients in this bag. And if you don’t want or can’t find some funny eyes, just use a marker to draw them on.

butterfly-snack-bags-2 butterfly-snack-bags-3 butterfly-snack-bags-4 butterfly-snack-bags-5

2 Responses to “DIY Butterfly Snack Bags”

  1. Lisa says:

    There are snack bags out there called “EcoZip” that actually have two compartments separated by a zipper in the middle too.

  2. Geneva Rush says:

    I agree that the eyes be made with a marker, as a small child may accidentally eat the eyes , thinking that it is candy. That could be a choking hazard. Perhaps this should only be for older children.

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