DIY Cable Spool Duck House


Having used materials in your yard can be a blessing in disguise. What some may view as a burden on organizing the space or another object of clutter can be used in so many creative ways. The one we suggest today can benefit your ducks, if you have any, of course. Transforming a cable spool into a duck house is one DIY project you will gather some good appraisals for, not from the ducks themselves but from friends who might happen to find themselves in the same situation. Besides providing the ducks you care after with a much deserved shelter, you do it in a way that is creative and improving for the overall decor. Some heavy tools will be required in the process, so make sure you have all you need beforehand. Follow the instructions and the DIY duck house from cable spool will be ready in no time.





DIY-Cable-Spool-Duck-House-5Disassemble spool



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