DIY Camp Loft Bed


Room to play is essential to every kid’s room. Space for resting is also a key element for the right development of a child. So in order to blend the two together, designers have come up with an interesting and attractive piece of furniture. Without any further rambling, let us learn how to build this nice and comfortable camp loft bed.You will need the following:

• a measuring tape and some pencils;
• a pair of safety glasses and hearing protection;
• a drill and a countersink drill bit;
• a circular saw;
• a sander;
• fourteen 8-feet long pieces of 2 by 4 wood;
• four 8-feet long pieces of 2 by 6 wood;
• a couple 8-feet long pieces of 2 by 2 wood;
• an 8-feet long piece of 1 by 2 wood;
• two half-inch PH screws;

The assembly part is not that difficult. With the sketch at your disposal, you will have very little hardship in placing the right boards in the right spots. Maybe a help from a handy-man will speed up things, but you could easily do this at home. The result will be a spacious room and a neat bed that your kid will have fun with for years to come. This DIY project will give you a fortress that will endure for an entire childhood. Playtime at the ground floor and bedtime at a high place; this will stimulate imagination and creativity to the fullest!

camp-loft-bed-home-design-1 camp-loft-bed-home-design-2

A full tutorial of Camp Loft Bed is available here!

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    I need a detailed construction manual

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