DIY Candy Christmas Cardstock Tree [VIDEO]


Small decorative Christmas trees are hard to find, especially when everybody is shopping for the finest ones in preparation for the holidays. Instead of shopping, make one instead this year. Be inspired by this example of Candy Christmas Cardstock Tree to design your own special decoration. Blend the homemade cardstock tree with some delicious candies to fill the faces of kids and grown-ups alike with joy. They will give you that complex look when they’re actually easy to make. Here is what you need:

• candy (of course!);
• stamp;
• red and green ink;
• green, chocolate and red cardstock;
• 1/4″ stitched ribbon;
• liquid glue;
• Sticky Strip;
• clear envelopes;


First, you have to cut a 10-1/8 x 2 inch piece of green cardstock. Score on the long side at 3-¼”, 6-½” and 9-¾”, and on the short side score at 1”. Using liquid glue along the length of strip, fold the strip in half (lengthwise as well) and burnish the strip. Use the score lines as guide for your next fold. Pour some liquid glue onto the tab end. Make a triangle from the ends of the piece. You now have the frame of the tree.

For the inside, begin with an 11x2inch piece of green cardstock. Use the same procedure from the first piece at all the inch marks (1”, 2”, 3” etc.) Cut this piece first in half length from the 1” mark, and then one of the resulting strips at the 4” mark. From the now 3 one-inch strips 4inch, 7inch and 11inch long, fold the longest one into a strip of triangles, just like in the images. After you finished this process for every piece, fit them in the tree frame. Place some candy in the spaces (branches) of the tree. Tie the whole structure with an 18inch length of grosgrain.

For the tree trunk, start with a piece of 5-3/4 x 2 inch chocolate cardstock. Score at 1”, 2-3/8”, 3-3/8” and 4-3/4”, on the long side, and at 1” on the short side. Put liquid glue lengthwise along the strip. Fold in half lengthwise and with the same method used before for the tree, fold on the other score marks and adhere to shape into a rectangle. Stick some scotch tape on the edges of the rectangle and remove them when you pasted the tree on the trunk. Put some candy in the trunk as well.

Your really adorable Christmas tree is now finished. With a height of 4inches and a width of 3-1/4 inches, you can place it anywhere in the room; from tables to window sill. Finish decorating whatever you’d like to. You could pack it in an envelope, to make sure the candy doesn’t fall when you gift it. And why could at just one piece of Candy Christmas Cardstock Tree? Make yourself a whole forest of this delicious decoration!

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