DIY Clay Pot Smoker


Building your own smoker can have a lot of benefits. For instance, the costs of a homemade smoker will be much smaller than those of a store-bought one. Also, by making the smoker yourself, you have total control over its size, shape and quality. So to make outdoor cooking more enjoyable and delicious, you should build your smoker out of a clay pot. Just go to the closest store and purchase a clay pot, a clay pot tray, an electrical hot plate, cooking grate (circular), some bricks, a metal pie pan, an oven thermometer, bolts and nuts and a wood dowel. After that take a look at the tutorial below and start building your very own clay pot smoker! Install it outdoors, once you are done, and enjoy the all the delicious smoked flavors.








29 Responses to “DIY Clay Pot Smoker”

  1. Kim H says:

    So, where’s the tutorial? There’s just a bunch of photos, with no explanations.

    • G. Scott says:

      Here’s a tutorial on how to make this I know it’s been like 9 month since your post but here it is.

  2. Warren says:

    So where is the tutorial? Lots of pictures of the finished product, but no instructions is not really helpful.

  3. Dubbleduece says:

    Lol, oops. Just a minor flaw. People get so upset, lol. What your doing wasn’t an obligation to them. You had a great idea, and were thoughtful enough to share it. In my opinion, your list of what’s needed and the pics you posted makes the rest pretty self explanatory. The complainers are the same ones that’ll ask for a discount on the $5.00 clay pots, lol. Again, great idea designer. I love smokin on the grill.

    • Muller Oosthuizen says:

      Each picture paints a 1000 words. One should be really dumb not to be able to follow the pictorial instructions. AWESOME PROJECT!!!!

      • Patricia says:

        Dumb? I can figure most of it from pix, HOWEVER … what kind of drill bit is used so the pot doesn’t crack??? For instance! What a jerk!!!

        • XY says:

          MEEEOWWW! Really? Drill bit – try a masonry bit.
          You really are not set up mentally for DIY projects, stick to Hamburger Helper.

          • betterthenyou says:

            Seems like someone is still on the farm with ma making him his food because any decent female would run far from this excrement.

  4. Ana says:

    Agreed – where is the tutorial? I see an incomplete parts list and a bunch of unrelated pictures of different styles of smokers. What good is that?

  5. Ana says:

    Your link just sent me on a yellow brick road back to this useless article. Where can we find the instructions?

  6. kp says:

    If you look under the last picture, you’ll see where it says “mother earth news……….instructions here”

  7. Bryon says:

    Reminds me of Alton Browns

  8. Alex says:

    The turotial is well hidden at the very end of the post (after you’ve hit the “Next Page” in fugly comics sans a few times)

    Here it is:

  9. Brian says:

    For really detailed instructions, Google Alton Brown’s Flowerpot Smoker.

  10. Shiney says:

    I am laughing pretty hard at the comments…If you can’t navigate a simple webpage, you should not be building this simple smoker…you’re just gonna set your house on fire. And how angry some of you sounded on top of it for not having instructions to build it…wow. On another note, thanks so much for the upload! What a great solution!

  11. Lynn says:

    You know people who act like they know it all, typically don’t know shit! I agree with the previous responder, you’re a jerk. There’s a lot of information that can be interpreted a lot of different ways and the pictures and if you happen to be an engineer then that would explain it all because I’ve never met an engineer who didn’t think he knew it all and could do it all without blueprints or precise instructions yet they screw up everything they touch because they refuse listen to someone whose education is experience. Is that you, or are you just a total and complete inconsiderate dumbass prick?

    • XY says:

      Maybe if you had X and Y chromosomes it would help you to try new things without a 99 page instruction manual. Two X chromosomes is a recipe for a trainwreck.

      • Steve says:


        XY has answered your question. I should apologize for him. He is a complete inconsiderate dumbass prick.

        There really are not many dumbasses as dumbass as our friend XY here.

        A picture may well be worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean that the pictures “speak” all the words that are needed.

        I’m sitting here with an X and a Y chromosome (just two, thanks) and I’m embarrassed to have Mr. XY in the same group as me. He should go to his room with his magazines and quietly entertain himself.

  12. Darleen says:

    I looked at the pics myself and wondered what is this it looks store-bought to me didn’t look handmade so I’m a little confused especially with the smoker part at the bottom with a cord hooked up to the bottom of it…….It would probably be easier just to go and buy one already made or buy a kit if one exists!

  13. colleen says:

    What about the lead in the clay pots? Is this true? Can you tell me if these are food grade or planter pots.


  14. mj says:

    Too much work! Smokers are not expensive and clay pots are too fragile.

  15. mj says:

    If your really that into doing things the cheapest way this is not it unless you already have these items laying around. If you had to go buy all of these things it would cost more than buying a smoker at your local WalMart. Dont get me wrong I love that people like to be so inventive and their have been some great ideas out there but ….I dont think this one is practical. Most clay pots are not made to withstand that kind of consistent heat.

  16. chelle says:

    Yall are Retarded, i easily made this just by pics.. Use your smarts common sense an imagination.. Dumb asses

  17. Perry Henderson says:

    If you can’t figure out how to build this without detailed instructions then maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches needed to light the fire. Just saying.

  18. Teddy says:

    Cardboard box works just as well

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  20. George says:

    People like you are such douche bags. Total troll is all you are. Live with that knowledge, you are nothing but a lousy troll.

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