DIY Clothespin Transformed Into Flower Pot


Spring is almost, and i want to telling you about this beautiful thing you can do yourselves at home with a little imagination and very little materials. This is a DIY Clothespin Flower Pot that is perfect to hold small plants and looks like very good. First thing’s first , so if you like flowers , just take a look at the photos first and if you are curious about the steps you need to take in order to do this,
then keep reading this article.


First step – buy some small flowers that can be moved to a pot immediately. You can find them in specialized stores and even in the market.


Second step – gather all the things that you need for the project and make sure you find a large and clean area where you can try your artistic skills. Here is a list with the materials you need for getting one such special flower pot: a small plastic yoghurt cup (but you can also use any kind of cup that you have), a bunch of wooden clothes pins, lots of differently coloured glitter, some clear spray (optional) and lots of fun.


Step number three – Adjust the size of the plastic cups to the size of the clothes pin, so that when you clip them to the cup, you will not see an ugly plastic edge.

Step number four – apply glitter on the clothes pins, a different colour on each pin, dry them and then spray a bit of clear spray for fixating the glitter and not allowing it to spread all over the place.



Step number five – Just leave the clothes pins to get dried and them simply clip them on the plastic cup all around, not leaving any space in between them.


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  1. Susan Pratl says:

    I would love to make the beautiful table which is made out of wine crates, I am having a hard time finding them..any ideas as to where I could look?

  2. darlene says:

    was thinking maybe use a clay pot hot glue the pins on and maybe a few the other way to clip a note to the plant to give as a gift… maybe a bamboo good luck plant ..

  3. Creative plant pots says:

    Good job ,thanks for your sharing.

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