DIY Crepe Paper Christmas Tree


Decorate your home these holidays with a creative and minimalistic decoration: crepe paper Christmas tree. This simple DIY project will make the perfect décor in the kitchen or living room, especially if you don’t have the time or the mood to embellish your home with fancy and expensive ornaments. In just a few minutes you can have your very own minimalistic tree made out of paper. You will need:

• a green piece of crepe paper;
• a pair of scissors;
• a perforator;
• some glue;
• a couple of chop-sticks;

Start by folding the piece of green crepe paper in equal size horizontal smaller pieces. Make a hole, using a perforator, in the middle of the folded paper. When unfolding, you should have a hole in every piece previously folded. With a pair of scissors, cut the paper into a triangle shape, making it resemble a Christmas tree. Place a couple of chop sticks or some large toothpicks through the holes, just like in the images. Make the base from folding a slick strip of cardstock into a round shape and glue the chop sticks into it.
Add a finishing touch like a star or a flower at the top of your minimalistic Christmas tree. You could add a string to the top so it will be easy to hang on your door knobs or fridge. Don’t stop here. Make a lot of them, using different shades of green paper, and decorate your home in a unique fashion.

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