DIY Crochet Mermaid Blanket


The times when being cold had only dull solutions are long gone. With this impressive mermaid crochet blanket, every little girl’s dream takes a step closer to reality. The result of a decent amount of work hours is a beautiful blanket that resembles the lower half of a mermaid, the tail in particular. Remember, it’s a blanket, not a cocoon, so don’t expect that to yield out of this useful DIY tutorial! The instructions provided are for a blanket 38″ in length and 25″ wide. The nicest thing about it are the attractive colors and the resulting texture, which manages to mimic fins quite realistically.





You can get the pattern for $5.50, but bear in mind it’s a project for intermediate crochet-ers, so don’t jump in the middle of it right away. Read the instruction properly, grab the required yarn and tools and embark on the journey of providing a comfortable blanket that can make your daughter look like a mermaid next time she reads a book on the sofa! All details by Susan Carlson are available on Ravelry here…

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  1. Nancy says:

    I find it rather ridiculous to have to down load some software in order to receive a free pattern from you.

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