DIY Cute Golf Balls Ladybugs


The cold weather makes us think about spring almost constantly. This also means, searching for nice crafts project that can bring a spring-like atmosphere in your home. But as the interior space shouldn’t be the focus of attention in spring, your garden should play a bigger part in this period. To decorate your garden beautifully, try this easy tutorial that will help you create ladybugs for your garden. You will need: plastic balls (such as golf balls), primer spray paint, red and black acrylic paint, paintbrush and varnish. Apply a first coat of spray paint onto the surface of the ball. Let it dry and then create the small ladybugs, by drawing them with the red and black acrylic paint. Once the paint has dried, apply a finishing coat of varnish and let this dry too. You can then hide the ladybugs in your garden, creating a very fun and playful air in your outdoor space.


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Golf Balls Ladybugs – Instructions by Artdrops Tatjana


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