DIY Dog Bed


Building a nice bed for your dog is not always easy. You have to pay attention to some key steps, such as: materials you are going to use, the size of your dog and its personality. This next idea is very nice and easy, and it will help you stay on a budget. It is a very cute pallet bed for your dog that can be placed anywhere in your home, where you can find some free space. Pallets are usually easy to work with, but before starting the project make sure you remove all the nuts and bolts the pallet may contain, so your little friend won’t hurt itself. (Attention!!! They can be toxic. ). We recommend >>Furring strips<<.  To learn more about this project, visit the link below and make sure you add a comfy pillow to the bed when it’s done. Your dog is going to love its new sleeping place, one that is both cozy and stylish.


DogBed2 DogBed2


more details here…. (RuggyDiy)

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