DIY Doll Bunk Beds


If you’re not that experienced with wooden DIY projects, but still want to make a nice surprise for a kid girl, than you’ve reached the perfect place for that. Because this DIY project of a bunk bed for an 18-inch tall American girl doll is something you can easily do, even if you didn’t work with wood. Similarly in structure with a kids’ table, this bunk bed can be built from a few plywood boards and some 1by2s. The building process is quite simple, because you won’t have to work with big pieces of wood. Make sure you wear protection gear at all times and read all the steps thoroughly so you won’t make a mistake. Follow the plans provided and give the final product a nice paintjob, to make it look pretty for both the doll and the girl who owns it. Alternatively, if it isn’t a surprise gift, invite the kid to paint it herself. This way, the fun starts from the very conception of the doll bunk bed. And continues for years to come!


Ana White Doll Bunk Beds Plans

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