DIY Door Wreath


The first thing guests see when visiting your home is not the hallway or the entranceway, but the door itself. If you are one of the many people out there which enjoy having their home reflecting their personality, then you will definitely want to decorate the door in your image. This DIY door wreath project we propose you on this webpage will change the way people interact with your from the start. You will need:

• a couple of long PVC pipes (about 4 different sizes/diameters should be enough);
• a somewhat heavy-duty circular saw;
• a can of strong glue;
• a drill;
• a long chain;
• a couple of large screws;
• paint spray;
• (optional) small colorful balls;

Cut the pipes in same height pieces. Arrange them in a scattered manner around a roll of tape. You can use strong glue to attach them to each other. Drill a hole into one of the pieces of pipes that are at the margin of the wreath. Mount the chain and screws into each side. Spray paint the whole structure before hanging it on the door. Also, decorate with a bunch of colorful balls placed inside the pipe sections. It looks so great. A bold statement for your home design! Feel encouraged to try a variety of designs and patterns of pipes for this wreath; it is DIY for a reason.

source: homedepot

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