DIY Drum Set Chandelier


Have you ever considered adding a bold piece of decoration to your room? If this idea sounds appealing, then you should check out this next idea. It is a really cool chandelier made out of an old drum set. All you need as an old drum set that you already have or if not, a trip to the local flea market. Look for a cheap brand, as a high quality full drum kit can be expensive. This is a great idea for those who love music or are musicians themselves and want to recycle their old instruments. The full list of supplies and the instruction on how to make this unique lamp can be found in the link below.





2 Responses to “DIY Drum Set Chandelier”

  1. Roadkill says:

    This is a very clever idea, as you mentioned, to recycle an old drum kit. I’m a drummer, so I can really appreciate the inventiveness here. It took me a moment to see the “cymbal” light shade. What a hoot! 2 thumbs up!

  2. Roadkill says:

    …and of course the inverted tripod mic stand. Great way to incorporate it as part of the presentation..

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