DIY Dyed Minion Easter Eggs


Minions, minions everywhere. As the big Minions movie will hit theaters this year, the minion craze seem to be a never ending one. So this year, “dress up” your Easter eggs and give them a minion look. Your kids are going to love this little project. Use egg paint, googly eyes and a small paint brush for the details. Cover the bottom half of the egg with blue paint and the top half with yellow one. This will create the base for your minion. Add the googly eyes, you can use glue for this, but choose a non-toxic one so you can still eat the egg after peeling them. Use black edible ink to paint the face and the details around the eyes. You can also use any other kind of non-toxic paint for this part too. Paint the eggs together with your kids. If not, place the minion army in a basket to surprise your children on Easter morning. Check out our website for more cool minion themed DIY project ideas.


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  1. Leslie says:

    I love minions and these are super cute! Aww! Haha.

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