DIY Easy Button Bowl


If you have lots of buttons at home but cannot find a proper use for them, just wait until you see this tutorial. You don’t have to throw out your unused buttons, as you can create a funky and colorful button bowl out of them. You will get a very original piece of decoration that will cheer up the entire home. You will need: 2-3 balloons, lots of flat and colorful buttons, glue, paintbrush, a pair of scissors and a cup. Blow up the balloon as a first step. Cover the bottom of the balloon with glue and attach the buttons one by one, you can apply 2 layers of glue if you feel the structure of the bowl will be more stable this way. Add a third layer of glue on top of the buttons. With the help of the scissors, cut the balloon and you will get a beautiful bowl. You will see below other great DIY bowl ideas, so you can try each project if you have the time and patience.


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  1. Carol says:

    Might modpodge be more stable? Thank you!!!

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