DIY Easy Mug Cosy


Here’s a nice tutorial of how to make a custom-sized cosy for your mug. It is ideal for a cold winter evening when you are drinking tea and want something besides the mug to keep your tea warm. It is also a great gift idea, so feel free to try and make it, it’s not that hard. You will need a mug, a piece of paper and a pencil. Take the mug and roll it on its side starting from right to left and as the mug rolls draw its path with a pencil on the paper. Then do the same thing and draw the bottom part of the mug onto the paper just like in the picture. Now all you have to do is to cut out the shape you created from the paper. Take a piece of fabric, out of which you will make the cozy and pin the cut out shape to it. It will be much easier this way as you can cut out the shape from the material much faster. Start cutting out the shape from the material. When you are ready cut another shape (you can use the same material or another one). Then sew the two parts together, making your cozy fluffier this way and sew two little buttons on one side and two elastic loops on the other. Now all you need to do is place the cozy on your mug, button it up and enjoy your cup of tea.

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