DIY Easy T-shirt Bags


Old t-shirts are not just great for cleaning around your home. They are also quite the useful material for making grocery bags! Next time you are planning a trip to the supermarket or the local farmer’s market, think twice about saving the environment and take a bag with you, instead of using the plastic or paper bags you’re being offered. Luckily for you, this tutorial will allow you to make your own unique bag to use when buying your fresh vegetables. All you will need are the following materials: a sewing machine, a marker, ruler, a pair of scissors, thread and -of course- used t-shirts. Check out the instructions on “Delia creates” and you won’t regret you’ve tried this DIY project.


green produce bag

green produce bag-1

More details provided by Delia Creates… here…


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2 Responses to “DIY Easy T-shirt Bags”

  1. Sam says:

    Actually I would cut off the arms just below the seam, leaving the reinforcement, and sew the bottom closed. That leaves you the shoulders to use as handles and you can cut off the collar of crew necks to increase the size of the top hole. With the sturdier shoulder handles you could hang the bag on a hook and not worry about the weight ripping the holes open.

  2. Julie says:

    I was thinking the same Sam. Surprised seeing the trimming of the t-shirt.

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