DIY Fairy Home From an Old Stump


Cutting trees is a sad thing to do, but some specimens are rotten on the inside and it is better to remove them before they fall during some storm and injure a person or damage your home. This event that happens a lot must not carry the signs of sorrow, because your garden design can actually benefit from it. We’re proud to show you a creative DIY project: how to make a fairy home from an old stump. Just think about all the imagination exercises you’re going to encourage the little ones with this rather easy DIY project. Transforming an ugly and barren tree stump into an inspiring fantasy small home (or even village) will take some time. You might need as long as half a day to carve all the sections required. But the result will look great. A few months will give the entire fairy home a nice and authentic look. Check out the project featured on the website and how it was done step by step.







FairyHome-Old-Stump-5 source: HomeTalk


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