DIY Farm Girl Apron Tutorial from Recycled Jeans

farm girl apron from recycled jeans

People commonly think if a pair of jeans is ripped beyond repair, you can’t do anything with it anymore. The DIY community has proven, again and again, that you can recycle and reuse a lot of usual stuff and make some interesting new things for you and/or your home. And without any further delay, we will show you a quick tutorial on how to make a cute apron from an old pair of jeans. The final result can be used in any BBQ event, the farm girl theme included in the style. Besides the pair of jeans, you will need about half of yard of cute fabric for the margins, matching thread, pair of scissors, an iron and a sewing machine (to be fast). Read all steps in the link below. When you’re done, the fun part can begin: getting it dirty making a tasty barbeque for your friends. Tell the secret of this cool DIY project with your friends during the next party you throw and remember to share with the rest of the handmade community if you have any creative ideas like this. DIY Farm Girl Apron Tutorial from Recycled

Men’s Shirt Apron

aprontutorial HERE…


  • Just love these, I made one for my Mom for her 90th birthday and everyone loved it, they now all want one for Christmas, so I finished another one today and have 6 more to go! They are so much fun to make and a great way to repurpose those old favorite jeans we’ve outgrown. Would you mind sharing how much you are selling yours for? I had someone ask me to make them one but I’m not sure how much to charge. Thank you.

    • Lyn Benson on said:

      Under the picture of the apron is a paragraph, at the end of the paragraph is the word “here” it is the link to the step by step instructions. Good luck!

  • Sabrina on said:

    If you have Pinterest, go to it and in the search type in Farm Girl Apron Tutorial from Recycled Jeans and it will bring up some postings on it. Make sure you pick one that shows the directions. You may be able to put that in your website search too, if you don’t do Pinterest.

  • cowscatsdogs on said:

    From a pair of worn jeans, I made a handy clothespin bag for when I am hanging clothes on the outside line. I took an intact pair of man’s jeans, cut them off near the bottom of the pockets, sewed the cut area shut and, from the leg part, cut two long “waist straps”, sewed one on each side and…….love it!

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