DIY Folding Lego Table


This awesome table organizer is perfect for your child’s Lego pieces as there is plenty of space on the table to play, but also to organize the toys afterwards.You can make this folding table out of the following materials: a large wooden panel, plastic gutter, screws, wood glue, nails and several tools. Build the legs of the table, then create the large storage box and add the shelves. Create the folding part of the table and you are done. You can paint the bottom of the folding table, or attach some cute stickers on it. Place the pieces of Lego inside the table and your child can start building and playing. Make sure to show him or her how to organize the toys afterwards, so the table will be tidy all the time. For detailed instructions and the complete list of materials, take a look at the following ..

Folding-Lego Table-1

Folding-Lego Table-2

Folding-Lego Table-3

Folding-Lego Table-4

Folding-Lego Table-5

Folding-Lego Table-6

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