DIY Hanging Plant Holder


Gardening is a creative and fun domain to explore and experiment, from all kind of angles and point of views. The DIY enthusiasts are sharing great ideas on how to improve outdoor design and decor. We suggest starting with something basic, like a hanging plant holder. From this tutorial, you will learn exactly how to make it.

In a couple of simple steps you will find out that a plant can and will look even more majestic when hanging down this kind of a planter. So, get to work by cutting the cord or rope which you have at your disposal down to the necessary length. Use the jump rings to make the levels (if you’re trying for a multi-level plant holder. Or you can use little squares of wood or aluminum sheets in which you punch some holes and make knots on the way up. You could also use techniques of tying rope around the pot and just hang it on a wall hook. Look at the photos and let them inspire your project. Here are some other necessary materials you might need:

• scissors;
• beads;
• jump rings;
• waxed cord;
• (optional) a needle;
• pots;
• plants, of course;



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