DIY Homemade Digital Microscope


If your children are enthusiastic about learning new things, especially if they are science related, you are going to love this cool idea. You will learn how to transform your smart phone into a microscope in a few easy steps and teach your children a lot of cool things afterwards. The supplies you are going to need are: a phone, a drill, assorted bits, ruler and a piece of Plexiglass. Then just follow the instructions from the next link and in the end you will have your very own miniature microscope. The fun can start and you can show your kids every small detail from their world. Since actual microscopes can be expensive, this is a great and affordable alternative (it will cost you around $10), so you should try it out immediately.


homemade-digital-microscope-02 more details here…

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  1. Eliram says:

    I usually carry a flexible tripod and a wide/macro clip-on lens I can attach to the phone to take great photos. This usually does the trick.
    Estimated cost (Ali Express) is about $5 and it’s much more portable. 🙂

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