DIY Insulated Socks From Old Sweater


Keep your feet warm this winter by making homemade tall slipper. Turn that fluffy old sweater from the closet into a daily cozy embrace for your feet. Before getting to work (although a few minutes of cutting and knitting sounds more like hobby than work), make sure you have:

• old sweater
• cardboard
• marker
• darning needle
• yarn
• pins
• a pair of scissors

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The first thing to do is tracing your foot, with the help of a marker, on a piece of cardboard. Using the cut-out shape, place on the low side of the sweater and use the scissors.
Next, put your feet (from the end to the collar) in each of the sleeves of the sweater. Use the scissors again to cut, after you decided how long do you want the slipper to be. To finish, just knit the foot material to the end of the sleeve you just cut off. You can use white yarn to give it a more festive look. Enjoy the warmth!

3 Responses to “DIY Insulated Socks From Old Sweater”

  1. Lorraine says:

    I would crochet them together or use a darning needle and yarn.

  2. Smuz says:

    I’d add some foam, quilt batting, terry cloth – anything you have handy – to pad the cardboard and for additional comfort and warmth. Maybe run a piece of light-pressure elastic at the top to hold the top up on your calf.

  3. Roxanne says:

    I dont care for the bagging around the front top arche. Right around the ankle it does this looks kinda wierd and like it would feel wierd

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