DIY Makedo Cardboard Christmas Tree


Having a tree in your home for Christmas can be quite a stressful situation to deal with. For starters, the cost of a natural tree is pretty high and then, when all of the fuss and beauty of the festivities are over, you are left with a floor full of tree pines to clean. So it’s normal to see why people resort to all kind of alternatives. Today, as Christmas is slowly approaching, we suggest you try this Cardboard Christmas Tree for your main piece of the festive theme décor. The process of achieving a simple yet nice result is simple and doesn’t involve any hard labor. You don’t have to worry about cutting permits or spending hours on cleaning the floor afterwards. All you have to do is cut the pieces of cardboard in specific shapes and put them together according to the instructions. Good luck on making the DIY project and remember to have a worry-less Christmas!

Makedo-Cardboard-Christmas-tree-1This christmas tree was made with coroplast and illuminated it with Philips Hue by Yolibj


Check out the full tutorial provided by Makedo-able

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