DIY Mason Jar Solar Light


Alternative energy is one everybody’s minds nowadays. People all over the world have come up with lots of interesting and exciting new ways to capture the energy from the wind, water or sun. Today we present you the Mason Jar Solar Light. With one of these little things in your garden, you will be able to light up a nice ambience on your patio for the evening after you’ve left them to `charge up` during the day. It’s so easy and it makes the environment happy about it. Also, it’s very simple to turn a regular Mason jar into a nice light like this. You will need a pair of kitchen shears and tin snips, Mason jar (obviously), bailing wire and some other important materials. Go on to the full version of the tutorial and find out if you have the necessary skill and will to make and use alternative energy in your own home!

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Mason Jar Solar Light DIY- ThriftDee

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  1. Mary Crane says:

    This is a very cool idea.

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