DIY Mini Fairy Houses


Searching for the right piece of decoration that will improve the interior design of your home? Definitely these lamps can bring a bit of fairy tale magic in your kid’s room. These fantastic fairy tiny houses will prove a right choice in the matter. Handmade items that are available for purchase, these cute decorations are made from repurposed toilet paper rolls. That’s right, even though they don’t show it, the fairy homes have a TP roll at their center. With a light bulb inside to illuminate the whole thing, the idea has proven to be genius between home decorators. If you think the challenge for making such items is one easy to tackle, then feel free to give it a try. Otherwise, just go on Etsy and order a piece from there. An entire range of colorful options are on full display to choose from. Your home décor will have such a definite fairytale ambient afterwards a few of these adorable mini fairy houses are guarding your windows.

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3 Responses to “DIY Mini Fairy Houses”

  1. Jany says:

    Either I missed something or she omitted to show how to make the holes in the rolls so that the light shines through….And I wouldn`t put a candle in there, only the electric ones.

  2. Sandie says:

    the houses in the video definitely aren’t the same ones in the picture with the lights shining through!

  3. Paimbia says:

    I think you would make it the same way just sub paper for felt. Using a low watt bulb maybe one of those fake tea cup candle things? Don’t know how the light would get through though. That’s the puzzling part.

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