DIY Mosaic Table


The interior design of your home reflects parts or even your entire personality, so it’s quite obvious why people invest so much energy in making the decor as close as possible to their wants and desires. For a new home owner or inhabitant you have a major challenge to overcome: blending what you already have in terms of decorations and furniture with what you might get as home-warming present or just see in the shops later on. Transforming projects are a great way to achieve the above-mentioned result. Turning an antique piece of furniture, like the elegant table you see in the photos, in a perfectly modern one is so easy. This amazing DIY Mosaic Table will be just the craft project you have been expecting for in order to improve the decor of your home. All you need is a bunch of unwanted CDs, a cutter and glue. The trick in cutting the CDs in the shape you want is boiling them in water. After you’ve cut them the easy way, position in the preferred place and you’re done. The actual work will take as long as it takes to arrange the mosaic..



Old Project Revised: Mosaic Table by Thoughts of Nautical Girl

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