DIY Natural Log Stove


You don’t need a modern and expensive stove in order to cook something delicious in the backyard. Just transform a log into the most efficient natural stove out there. And there isn’t so much hard work to achieve that. Use a chainsaw (although a simple axe will do the trick, but will require twice the work) to cut a star into the sturdy log. With 4 cross cuts carefully placed not to go all the way through the log, you will get the desired pattern. Next, to get the ‘Swedish Fire Torch’ (as it’s known in the world) just place some old newspapers inside the newly created crevasses and slowly have them lit. The fire will be as small as to slowly burn the log and create your outdoor cooking experience the heat it needs for a delicious meal. And so, in a few easy steps you made a stove from a log, and got the controlled fire needed for an effective cooking. Enjoy!

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