DIY Platform Dog Bed


If you keep your dog much closer than your good friends, than you must be a pretty awesome person. Because caring for creatures that cannot take care for themselves for a lot of time is a true act of kindness. When your relationship with your pet is so great, you would like to have it close to you at all times, especially at night, when it might get nervous. That’s why this DIY platform bed with built-in dog trundle is exactly what you need. Don’t worry about the complex name, it’s actually quite simple to build. All you need is a couple sheets of birch plywood and one small one of MDF, a few 2by4 that you can find lying around, a can of poly and one of stain, and last but not least the dog trundle. Watch the full tutorial and learn what steps are necessary in order to complete this. See how happy your little dog friend looks at the end of your bed? This happiness is worth the hours of DIY work.





Video Tutorial

source and more info: House Bella

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