DIY Porch-Swing Fire Pit


A porch-swing fire pit can be a new term to many of you, but once you see the pictures you will know exactly what it refers too. Enjoying a nice evening in your garden with your friends can be a bit hard once the cold weather is installed, but having a fire pit can improve the outside temperatures. So to be able to sit in your garden at night even when it is a bit colder, you should build a fire pit that is surrounded by swings. This way you can have fun, relax and also stay warm on a cold night. To make the porch-swing fire pit you will a bit of experience in DIY projects and also have a good use of different kinds of tools. By clicking on the link below you will find detailed instructions on how to build the swing and the fire pit and a set of pictures that will guide you through the process. Make sure you find a suitable surface for the whole structure before starting to build and then you can start the hard work.






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