DIY Project: Box Spring Turned into Table and Chair



Ready for the next step in DIY? Transform an ordinary boxspring into a nice set of outdoor table and chair! Do a before and after photo so your friends will be even more impressed by the kind of `magic` you do with your hands and not that much power tools. Read this tutorial to find out what do you need to accomplish in order to brag with a brand new handmade table and chair.

• a boxspring;
• a clamp;
• some wood glue;
• 40 grit sand paper;
• a palm sander;
• dowels;
• exterior polyurethane;
• a mortise and tenon;

Many people think a boxspring is good to throw away when you are done using it (when you’ve bought a new bed, for instance). The truth is there’s a lot of unfinished wood in a boxspring that can be put to great use. So why not make a neat set of outdoor furniture? Take the pieces of wood and start making the table top. The design is simple so it won’t be a difficult job. Check the link below for step-by-step instruction guide…

DIY Project: Box Spring Turned into Table and Chair

2 Responses to “DIY Project: Box Spring Turned into Table and Chair”

  1. Linda Conway says:

    please… advise what tools would be handy to have for this project

  2. Christine Webster says:

    How long does it take to complete the project and what size box spring did you use?

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