DIY Project: Refinished Dresser Using Lace


Redesigning an old piece of furniture is a very fun activity that lets you use your imagination and get creative. There are many cool furniture redecoration projects for newbies, so having no experience in this field is no problem at all. Such is this next tutorial too, that teaches you how to add a classy lace print to an old dresser. This technique will add an amazing vintage feel to your dresser. All you need is an old piece of lace you won’t be using for anything else afterwards and spray paint. For the entire tutorial and list of additional crafting materials, visit the following link and create a chic dresser for your room. You can also try out this project for several pieces of furniture in your home, just make sure you don’t overcrowd your room with lace patterned pieces as the sating less is more applies in this case too.






Lace Dresser – Photos & Instructions

7 Responses to “DIY Project: Refinished Dresser Using Lace”

  1. April-leigh Shular says:

    This amazing! It breathes such life into that bureau without to much fuss! I love this! And I’ll wager that my daughters will too.

  2. N J Beach says:


  3. Rhana Thompson says:

    Just brilliant! I can’t believe I never thought of it before. Redesigning and upcycling old pieces of furniture is my hobby. I’d definitely try this lace redecoration project as soon as possible. I’ve already benefited from other dresser DIY projects like this and the result was awesome.

  4. Jean Sanders says:

    This will be my next project.

  5. Ronald mchale says:

    It looks nice I like it.

  6. Diane says:

    I got these cast iron bird knobs and can’t wait to paint my dressers….than i saw this! I love it, i agree with be careful with overdoing it so I’m thinking i can do one dresser with the lace across and the other dresser with a strip of lace down the middle that way i still get the cohesive feel i enjoy.

  7. Cherrie-lyn says:

    Simply stunning ? it makes a huge difference.

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