DIY Project: Unique Round Mirror Design Idea


Do you have a wall in your house which looks kind of boring and plain, and you would like to decorate it somehow? If your answer is yes, then we’ll have the perfect DIY project for you. It is easy and the finished product will look amazing. You will need a rounded mirror, rounded wood, a wood board for the base, glue and a saw. The process can leave a little bit of mess, so make sure you cover your floor with pieces of newspaper. Firstly you will have to place you mirror on the wood board and trace it, so you know what size you will cut the base. You should leave all around the mirror a space as big as the palm of your hand. After you cut out the base, you will have to chop the wood. By chopping we mean you will cut the wood in small little rounded forms (not too thick). Make sure to cut as much rounds as you can, because you will have to cover the side of the mirror. Then you can start gluing the rounded forms on the base of the mirror on the margin. When you finished with this, you can glue your mirror in the middle of the rounded wooden shapes and then just let it dry. Don’t forget to place something heavy on the mirror, thus making sure that the glue will stick well. And that is all, you made it. Hang the mirror on your wall and let it do its magic.

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3 Responses to “DIY Project: Unique Round Mirror Design Idea”

  1. Jeannie brooks says:

    Would love to have the instructions on how to make the red mirror with the plastic spoons…beautiful

  2. bahar says:

    so beautiful i like it…

  3. Kim Clark says:

    Very pretty, but way too much work & time involved.

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