DIY Puzzle Table with easy step-by-step

How would you like to build yourself a unique puzzle table? You will need some intermediate table-building skills for this project, but with a bit of help, even a newbie can finish it with success.
You will need to follow the step-by-step plans and tutorial provided by Designed Decor and will also need tools such as a table saw and router.
This table is perfect for someone who loves puzzles and putting pieces together, but also wants to keep it clean by not spreading all of the pieces on the floor. Since puzzles can take even weeks to complete, depending on their complexity, having all the pieces in one place can help you keep your house clean.
So, this puzzle table is a perfect idea to help you keep your puzzle workstation organized, as it also has drawers where you can store the pieces of the puzzle until finished. The piece from the tutorial used an old table as a base, which was then refurbished and transformed into a puzzle table.
This might be a good idea if you want to repurpose an old table from your home. If not, you can build the puzzle table from scratch, depending on how crafty you feel. The Build Plans is available in the link below…


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Purchase the Jigsaw Puzzle Table build plans

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