DIY Rag Quilt


Do you have a lot of leftover material from previous DIY projects? Don’t throw it away, as there are infinite possibilities of what you can create out of them. For instance you can make a rag quilt for your bed. The fun part is that you can make any kind of combination you want and make the rug look as colorful as possible. This is also a great gift idea for children and youngsters as it will surely look great in their room. So to make the quilt, you will need:

• pieces of material (any color and pattern you want or already have at home);
• quilt batting;
• rotary cutter;
• scissors;
• sewing machine;

Start cutting the pieces of material into 7 inch squares. See all steps in the link below..

ImperfectHomemaking – Easy, Thrifty, Pretty Rag Quilt Tutorial

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Can rag quilts be done with regular quilting cotton? I have tons of scraps, but have only ever seen rag quilts done with flannel and denim.

    • Missie says:

      Yes. Using regular quilting cotton fabrics the same way. The ragged edges won’t be as “fluffy”, but the quilt will still be fun. I’ve made several. If you want a bit more fluff, add an extra layer (3 or 4 pieces of the fabric + batting.
      I have made baby quilts with a piece of flannel between the fabric instead of batting. In other words, 3 layers of fabric cut exactly the same size. This makes a lighter weight quilt.
      There is no right or wrong with your own quilts. You are the only judge.

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