DIY Rattan Ball Patio Lights


The winter festivities are on their way! If you aren’t prepared for decorating your home in the holiday spirit, well this is the right time. We don’t want to stress you but we’re only one month away until Christmas Eve, when you welcome all your relatives and friends into your home. So it’s only natural that you wish them to visit in a lovely festive ambiance. We suggest a simple yet effective DIY project. In order to make these lovely Rattan Ball Patio Lights, you will need to use mini decorative rattan balls and some Christmas lights. It’s as simple as that! Follow the instructions featured on this website and the décor for Christmas will be ready just in time.


Check out the full tutorial on the Crafty Butt.



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  1. Cindy from MyGardenGifts says:

    These are simply amazing and so original! I stumbled on your site trying to find ways to light up my patio this coming spring and this is truly inviting. I will be sure to check these out…where can I get these rattan balls. I have not found them in the local stores out here in NJ.

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