DIY Snowflake Ballerinas


Making a nice looking interior design for your home, office or even classroom for that matter, should be an easy task that doesn’t need to feel like a burden but as an opportunity for having fun and improving the decor at the same time. The DIY project for snowflake ballerinas is so easy, it couldn’t take you more than a couple of hours to finish, from scratch to inspiring result. Take as much A4 sheets as many snowflakes and ballerinas you want to have in your home. It’s pretty awesome that each snowflake can double as a skirt. Use the pattern provided on the webpage. You can use cardboard for the body of the ballerinas so they won’t be flimsy and sort of contrast the much lighter snowflake – skirt. Feel encouraged to be as creative as you can in placing the decorations on a string and throughout your home. Don’t forget to have fun!

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Snowflake Ballerinas  for Crafty Moms

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