How to Build a Soda Can Heater


Alternative energy is no longer a fad but a necessity for a lot of people. With natural resources draining rapidly with no perspective of renewing, people are left with choosing the smarter methods of producing energy. And with pollution from dumps on the rise, repurposing everything they have in their grasp and turning them into useful products and machines, seems the most intelligent thing to do right now. Of course you will need some technology in order to efficiently make energy sources from alternative materials. But we will show you how easy it is to use ordinary objects, like pop cans, in helping you build a DIY solar panel box for your solar heater. Grab the following items:








In the next page is a video tutorial made by “Fair Companies”.. Watch this video  to learn more about building a solar heater with recycled cans..



12 Responses to “How to Build a Soda Can Heater”

  1. Robert says:

    what a great idea, I’m planning to make such a heater

  2. janine says:

    Robert please keep us updated.

  3. Eco footprints says:


  4. martin says:

    Theres an easier and more efficient version that uses fly screen in place of coke cans.

  5. shari says:

    WHAT is hgh temperatre silicon and where do yo get it?

    • Ed says:

      Think it’s supposed to be “high temperature silicone”. Found this by Googleing: “Food Grade FDA RTV red adhesive 3 oz BBQ grill smoker NSF silicone High temp 650F”

  6. Michael says:

    My father and mother are both disabled and on a fixed income, they still have a fairly big house ( 2 story 4 bed). I am going to try this at their house I think I will have to use a couple but if it works, money saved is money earned.

  7. HTiEk PoniO NarnE says:

    RiP cokeCans m/

  8. Rick DeWitt says:

    RTV silicone (not silicon), like Permatex. You can get it at most auto stores.

  9. Scott says:

    You can use the red, high -temp silicone that’s available at any auto parts store.

  10. deb n lamont says:

    we are past the can drilling stage-hubby drilled em out completely both ends, I thought holes should be smaller to slow air flow and to add metal heating conduction. So just a long tube now. Box is built. He cut large pvc in half to make a mold to lay cans in for assembly. Taking pics of all of the steps. May not be complete by end of December cold- but will be done by Feb I hope. Our water distiller based on plans from El Paso Solar Energy Society lasted better part of a decade and saved us plenty on water delivery. I think he is going to try a second design then compare outputs. stay tuned. And he split the wood somehow after he drilled all holes for end piece and starting over-so I think he would start with thicker piece.

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