DIY Tea Pot Fountain


A real interesting fountain is something you can use for enhancing the aesthetics of your garden as well as impressing every guest that crosses your doorstep. If you think you can achieve such a beautiful piece of outdoor decoration, here is a short tutorial by Julee S (Hometalk), accompanied with photos that will definitely help you in the process. Needless to say, the tea pot is the central item in the whole design, in matter of aesthetics, but the functionality part is just as important. So be advised that some handling with pipes and concrete will be required, we wouldn’t want you to be scared of using heavy tools in order to complete this DIY project. You start with assembling the system of pipes into the tea pot and the concrete block and work your way attaching the gold pan, fountain pump (available at home depots) and the whiskey barrel around the whole thing. Follow the instructions in the full tutorial and good luck on making it look just as beautiful as in the photos.


Tea pot fountain instructions – hometalk

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