DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crafts


Toilet paper doesn’t seem like a first option for materials used in decorating your home. And it’s true, at first look. But at a closer inspection, the TP roll proves to be a perfect option for use in a DIY project aimed at improving the decor of your residence. You can resort to more extravagant materials, but at the same time this way is more expensive than a repurposing solution. Shaping the material into a cute and simple puppy will prove a useful addition to your d├ęcor as well as a fun activity. You could even involve your kids in the whole process. In order to complete the DIY project, besides the toilet paper roll you will need to have some red felt, a couple of 5mm black Pom-Poms, and a bigger brown colored Pom-Pom. Follow the photo tutorial and decorate your home with creativity.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Kids Kubby

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