DIY Tractor Bunk Beds


Making a room suitable for kids is quite hard, especially if your childhood happened a while back and so many things have changed since. Bunk beds might not have become outdated, but certainly a twist on how they look is needed, in order to draw interest from children. Constantly bombarded with flamboyant characters and images, kids tend to overlook simple things in the over-modernized world. Involving them in a cool DIY project, such as this Tractor Bunk Bed is something they will appreciate later on. Without any further suspense, this is how you too can achieve this awesome result. For this, you will need the following:

• planks of wood;
• screws and nails;
• a pipe;
• green, black and yellow paint;
• two mattresses;

Building a bunk bed goes through the same steps as building a regular bed out of wooden planks. It isn’t rocket science, but a few tricks are always helpful. For instance, building the posts on the outside leaves you room for making the beds modular. Meaning using the same blueprints for a regular wood frame twice and placing them securely between your bunk bed (4) posts. When the bed frames are fixed in position, make the railing for the upper bed and mount the cab assembly. Screw tightly so it won’t move even if the kid pretends his driving the whole thing to an imaginary field of corn. Then, make sure the ladder is positioned in front of the bed. This will make the whole thing look more like a tractor; can you picture the front grill yet? To assemble the whole thing into a life-like tractor, you need the wheels to be properly seized (one larger than the other) and colored. The same goes for the whole look of the bunk bed. Make sure everything is in place, from the headlights and markings to the exhaust pipe and brand logo, in order to see your kids smile every time they go to bed.


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    I love these they are so cool looking

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