DIY Trellis & Raised Garden Box Combo


Most of the times people are discouraged from growing their own garden because of the size of their yard. This definitely shouldn’t be a setback. On the contrary! The solutions available for a person who has a small outdoor space but a big determination to grow a garden are plenty. One of these solutions is embodied by trellis and raised garden box combo. The method suggested thoroughly in the next webpage has proved efficient, particularly for vegetables that climb, like cucumber, green beans, tomatoes. Unlike a large open-spaced garden, the combination we suggest has the great advantage that it allows you more harvest with less effort. You pick vegetables from outside and inside the trellis, easily visible through the system installed. Gather the following materials: nine pieces of 2″ by 8″ by 8′ Douglas Fir Timber, two pieces of 4′ by 16′ Cattle Farm Panels, some U-Nails, star bit and deck screws. Grab a hammer, drill, circular saw and roll up your sleeves. Follow the instructions provided and build that garden you always wanted.




Trellis-and-Raised-Garden-Bed-Combo-3 get full instructions here….

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