Dog Bone Pool


Summer and the warmer months can be fun for your dog!! Get him his own pool to cool off in. The Bone Pool was the first heavy duty play pool designed specifically with dogs in mind. Made with UV inhibited High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, the same material to make truck bed liners, the Bone Pool is virtually chew proof. The light white color makes them cooler in the summer time, by up to 10 degrees, over darker colored play pools.

Dog Bone Pool



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10 Responses to “Dog Bone Pool”

  1. Christine Wilson says:

    I wasinterested in doing this for the furbaby of mine and my husband… Can you inform me where i could purchase one of them???

  2. Dean says:

    You can get a kiddie pool and do this for cheaper than buying one. Dogs like it and they don’t care what shape the pool is. lol

    • stephanie says:

      yep I got a $10 plastic kiddie pool from Wal-Mart 3 years ago for my two dogs and they love it. they are small dogs and I only put like 4 inches of water in it. they need it in this florida heat.

  3. Robin says:

    We have a kiddie pool for our furbaby, but have a drainge problem. I notice that the dog pool has a spout for a hose attachment, that might be worth the money.

  4. Shelby Cherwinski says:

    Very Nice Blog ! I really enjoyed the article . Your blog load time is amazing ! I also enjoyed the layout . thanks for all

  5. clara says:

    This is so cute, I will make one for my little girl…she will love it. I can see her and the cat too .. lol..
    thanks for sharing..

  6. leah says:

    The one with the bulldog where could i get the deck?

  7. Sandy Lampros says:

    I would like to know to buy the pool and the deck. Thanks

  8. Angela says:

    I have a Newfoundland what s the size of your biggest ones please and will they be big enough

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