The Dome Tiny Home Is Minimalism on Wheels, Made Affordable

The Dome Tiny Home embodies the essence of minimalism on wheels, challenging the common trend of cramming excess features into tiny spaces. With affordability as its cornerstone, The Dome stands out as a beacon of simplicity and intentional living. As the tiny house movement continues to evolve, The Dome reverts to the fundamental principles of downsizing, offering a refreshing departure from the cluttered designs that have proliferated in recent years.

Crafted by Arohanui Tiny Homes, The Dome redefines compact living with its sleek design and emphasis on mobility. Its domed roof not only lends aesthetic appeal but also enhances aerodynamics, facilitating effortless travel for those seeking to roam freely. Measuring a modest 22.9 feet in length and 7.8 feet in width, The Dome maximizes space efficiency without compromising functionality. Its off-grid capabilities, including a composting toilet and solar rigging, underscore its commitment to sustainability, while the fold-down terrace adds both versatility and safety. Priced competitively at NZD94,000, The Dome represents a compelling option for individuals embracing the minimalist lifestyle.

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