This E-Trailer with 200W Solar Panels Turns Into an Electric Motorboat for Limitless Travel Anywhere

The Green E-Trailer by BeTriton is a revolutionary amphibious vehicle that seamlessly combines the functionality of an e-bike trailer and a motorboat. This innovative design caters to adventurous souls seeking limitless travel across diverse terrains, including water. The bright-green e-trailer, an evolution of the BeTriton 2.0, retains the core features of a cozy cabin for two people and a pet while introducing significant upgrades like a pop-up hard roof. The trailer can be towed by any e-bike with its 250W hub motor and transforms into a motorboat with a 2150W boat motor for aquatic journeys. Powered by a 200W solar panel mounted on the pop-up roof, the Green E-Trailer promises extended, eco-friendly adventures, making it a versatile and sustainable travel companion.

The Green E-Trailer’s design reflects thoughtful enhancements based on user feedback, addressing previous limitations and expanding its usability. By decoupling the trailer from an integrated bike, BeTriton has broadened its compatibility, allowing more flexibility for users to pair it with their preferred e-bike. This adaptability, combined with the robust solar-powered boat motor, enables prolonged and self-sufficient expeditions. Despite the scarcity of detailed specifications such as speed, the promotional video highlights the trailer’s capacity to support a couple, their pet, and a towing bike on both land and water adventures. The Green E-Trailer stands as a testament to BeTriton’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, offering a unique travel experience for those eager to explore new frontiers.

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