Easy DIY: Ribbon & Bead Christmas Tree Ornament


We always suggest complex projects to develop at home in order to make improvements on the interior design. But for this Christmas we will show you that you can achieve a beautiful result with a simple ornament done with just some beads and ribbon. It’s so simple that even kids could learn how to do it. The model done in the photos is quite easy to achieve. With a simple way of folding the piece of ribbon and pinning it into shape by beads, you can manage to begin decorating your home for the holiday. The resulting tree shape could give you the opportunity to decorate the entire home with miniature Christmas trees; except these ones are made out of ribbon and beads. Read through the instructions provided in the full tutorial. When a few of these DIY ribbon beads Christmas tree ornaments are complete, you will notice how simple things can also improve your home’s décor.


Christmas  Decorations Tutorial – Stars Inspirations

3 Responses to “Easy DIY: Ribbon & Bead Christmas Tree Ornament”

  1. amber says:

    the website is in Polish. lol

  2. Debra says:

    This is a really cute project! Pinterest won’t allow me to pin it, saying it leads to inappropriate content. Sure hope you can get that sorted out.

  3. Rebecca Bradley says:

    Love the ideas on here

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