Easy Way To Keep Your Home Warm With Bubble Wrap


Do you have an out of the way window that allows cold air to seep inside? Try covering it with bubble wrap. This is a technique that is simple to do, and helps keep the inside of your home warm and cozy. The bubble wrap will stay for a long time, is easily removed, and won’t harm the window. Try it. Cut the bubble wrap to fit your window, spray the bubble side with water, and press it against your window. Simple way to insulate and warm up your home in cold winter weather. It pulls right off in spring.

3 Responses to “Easy Way To Keep Your Home Warm With Bubble Wrap”

  1. Karen says:

    Sweet idea!!

  2. LC says:

    I’m going to try this. Old Texas homes were not made to keep cold air out.

  3. Linda S says:

    Have used this for years on windows. Keeps heat out in summer and cold out in winter. Also saved empty bread plastic wrappers and newspaper plastic wrappers, stuffed the longest one with the others, and used at bottom of doors to block drafts. Works great and it’s free.

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