Efficient, Durable and Budget-Friendly Tiny Home


When it comes to tiny homes, the most important thing you sacrifice space is the environment and the freedom. It’s not the case in every tiny house, but a lot of them have the possibility to be moved easily. Take this project from Shelter Wise and what they’ve made with a 96 square feet structure. The trailer hook allows you to attach your temporary residence to a car and roll on through the countryside. Don’t worry about the environmental impact either. The wooden hut is energy efficient and allows natural light to engulf the inside, instead of installing a bunch of electrical lights. With no more than $25,000 you have all of the facilities a small studio provides: a kitchen, bed, shower. Together with stainless steel counter, lots of storage spaces, beautiful skylight, and a cute little grass area right in front of one of the windows, this home might me one you would wish to move in permanently.

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