Emergency Power Options for Your Home


Situations when electric power goes down happen more often when natural disaster hit your community. But what do you do when the grid is taken out by whatever problem, small or large, and your day to day business is affected? What about communications? Do you have your phone or laptop charged before disaster hits? There are too many variables to consider and frankly, you’re putting yourself in danger if this is your main concern right before a natural disaster. That’s why we suggest you prepare some emergency power options for your home. If it’s a gasoline generator, a system backed-up by batteries, or even spot chargers, you can rest assured the power outage will not affect you considerably. Check out all of the details about setting up any of these alternatives. Good luck and better stay safe than sorry! Read more info about each Emergency Power Option in the description signed by Common Sense Home…

  • Emergency Power Option #1 – Gasoline Generator
  • Emergency Power Option #2 – Battery Backed-Up Systems
  • Emergency Power Option #3 – Spot Chargers


Emergency Power Options for Your Home – Common Sense Home



  • Random college graduate on said:

    This is a great idea.
    During Hurricane Katrina, I had to leave my garage half way open to allow the fumes out, enough for someone to raid my generator. The next one I chained to my car and they brought chain cutters and stole it too.

    I’ll be putting this one near my patio with my 2 German shepherds guarding it.

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